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Daytime Ko Olina Boat Tour PRICES

  • PASSENGERS 3 years old and older – $40
  • CHILDREN under 3 (Ages 0 – 2 ) ride FREE
  • PRIVATE CHARTER (up to 49 guests) – from $1560



Experience the magical beauty of Oahu’s enchanting sunset with the Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat sunset tour

Step aboard our luxurious 50-foot power catamaran and embark on a journey like no other. As you sail through the shimmering waters, indulge your senses in the breathtaking panoramic views that surround you.

Our passionate and knowledgeable crew, known as Alohi, are true experts of these awe-inspiring islands. Throughout the tour, they will be your caring companions, ensuring that you are well taken care of and that every moment is pure perfection.

But what truly sets our sunset tour apart is our unique glass viewing ports at the bottom of the boat. As you relax and unwind on our comfortable deck, you have the incredible opportunity to peer into the vibrant marine world beneath your feet. Behold the fascinating world of colorful corals, exotic fish, and graceful sea turtles, all dancing gracefully in their natural underwater habitat. It’s an enthralling experience that will leave you in awe and wonder.

Our commitment to inclusivity is another aspect that makes us stand out. We ensure that everyone can partake in this extraordinary voyage by accommodating up to 50 people of all ages. For those with mobility issues, our spacious vessel can effortlessly accommodate collapsible wheelchairs and walkers. Our friendly crew is readily available to assist and cater to the unique needs of every guest.

What better way to conclude your day in paradise than with a captivating sunset tour? Witness the magnificent golden hues painting the sky as the sun bids its farewell. The tranquil ambiance will wash away your worries, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Capture these unforgettable moments and etch them into your memory as you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

a sunset over a body of water

Sunset Ko Olina Tour

Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the pure magic of Hawaii’s sunset with the Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat sunset tour. Book your spot today and let the Alohi crew transport you to a world of serenity, natural beauty, and enchantment.

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Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a magical experience that will leave you breathless, the Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat is ready to transport you beyond your imagination. Join us for a journey that will redefine your understanding of the ocean, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

length: 1 hour     from: $40     ages: all

Ko Olina Charter

Book a fun-filled tour with Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boats for your family or friends, convention group, employee appreciation day, military group outing, or local school field trip. We also offer wedding photo tours showcasing you on your wedding day against the stunning backdrop of Oahu’s coastline with our private boat charter in Ko Olina, HI.

length: 1+ hrs   from: $1560   ages: all