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Enjoy a unique perspective of Oahu aboard the Haleiwa Queen or Alohi. Our 50-foot power catamarans host unique boat tours of Oahu’s South Shore and Ko Olina. We have a wide range of boat tours in Waikiki /Honolulu, and Ko Olina, Hawaii for you to choose from, perfect for every occasion and every age. From a family trip to a romantic getaway, we’ve got a tour to match your needs. We also arrange private events with private charters. Book your desired tour today.


You must be 21+ to drink alcohol on board the vessel. Other drinks, snacks, and food are also allowed. NOT Allowed: Electronic Vape Devices, Cigarettes, Illegal Drugs, & Fish Food.

Our Most Popular Tours Along Oahu’s South Shore

Daytime Tour

Enjoy the beauty of Oahu’s South Shore as we head toward Lē’ahi with a clear view of the Pacific Ocean floor. Cruise over live tropical reefs and possibly view one of Hawaii’s popular shipwrecks.

length: 1 hour     from: $40     ages: all

Sunset Tour

Come aboard the Haleiwa Queen and relax with your crew as the skies turn to orange, purple, and pink behind downtown Honolulu during our sunset tour. There are few sights more memorable than Honolulu’s sunset.

length: 1.5 hour     from: $60     ages: all

Fireworks Tour

Our Friday night fireworks tour outside of Waikiki is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a night out with friends with an amazing fireworks display from the water!

length: 1 hour     from: $60     ages: all

Private Charter

With a capacity of up to 40 guests, the Haleiwa Queen comfortably accommodates your crew for a range of private events, like dive sessions, wedding photos, memorials, proposal celebrations & more!

length: 1+ hour     from: $1560     ages: all


Aloha from Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat


Hop into our 50-foot power catamaran that ensures the smoothest ride over Oahu’s South Shore or West Side. Our Hawaii boat tour company invites you to explore the vibrant sea through its glass deck. Keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish, living coral reefs, and other majestic sea wonders on the ride.

Planning an overdue holiday with your family and friends? Sign up for one of our daytime or sunset Honolulu boat tours today. Or if you want a private event, just let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Our boats can accommodate up to 49 guests of all ages at once. We look forward to showing you a clear view of the Pacific Ocean from a unique perspective. Book today with one of our Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat tours!

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