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Ko Olina Tour

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a magical experience that will leave you breathless, the Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat is ready to transport you beyond your imagination. Join us for a journey that will redefine your understanding of the ocean, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

length: 1 hour     from: $40     ages: all

Ko Olina Tour

What better way to conclude your day in paradise than with a captivating sunset tour? Witness the magnificent golden hues painting the sky as the sun bids its farewell. The tranquil ambiance will wash away your worries, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Capture these unforgettable moments and etch them into your memory as you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

length: 1.5 hours    from: $60    ages: all

Ko Olina Charter

Book a fun-filled tour with Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boats for your family or friends, convention group, employee appreciation day, military group outing, or local school field trip. We also offer wedding photo tours showcasing you on your wedding day against the stunning backdrop of Oahu’s coastline with our private boat charter in Ko Olina, HI.

length: 1+ hrs   from: $1560   ages: all

 Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat Tour

  • PASSENGERS 3 years old and older 
  • CHILDREN under 3 (Ages 0 – 2 ) ride FREE
  • PRIVATE CHARTER (up to 49 guests) – from $1560
  • LOCATION –  92-100 Waipahe Place, Kapolei, Hawaii  96707, Slip I-13
  • PARKING – Park in any RESERVED stall of the stalls #138 – #145 and #181 – #187 
Watch Whales with Hawaii Glass Bottom Boats

Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat


Introducing the Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boat – your ticket to a breathtaking adventure on the sparkling waters of Oahu’s Ko Olina coast. Set sail on an unforgettable one-hour cruise, departing from our newest location on the vibrant west side of Oahu.

Whether you’re traveling with a large group or seeking an intimate experience with your nearest and dearest, Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boats is here to cater to all your needs. Our fun-filled tours are perfect for family and friends visiting Hawaii, conventioneers looking to add a touch of excitement to their gatherings, or employees seeking a memorable team-building activity. Military groups will find solace and serenity within the tranquility of the turquoise waters, while local schools can embark on educational and thrilling field trips.

But that’s not all. Celebrate your special day with an enchanting touch by booking our wedding photo tour. Picture yourself and your loved one, hand in hand, against the breathtaking backdrop of Oahu’s captivating coastline. These cherished moments will be forever immortalized in stunning photographs, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

At Ko Olina Glass Bottom Boats, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Let us know how we can go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. From personalized itineraries to exceptional service, we are dedicated to crafting an adventure perfectly tailored to your desires.

So pack your bags and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey. We can’t wait to meet you at our Ko Olina location. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Oahu’s underwater world, witness captivating marine life through our crystal-clear glass bottom, and create memories that will make you say “ALOHA” long after the voyage has ended. See you soon!