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How to Choose a Sunset Cruise

a small boat in a large body of water

Whether you’re visiting an exotic location or you’re looking for ways to enjoy the scenery closer to home, you can’t go wrong with booking a sunset cruise. These short cruises take place at the perfect time of day to see the beautiful changing colors of the sunset. As you’re looking at different sunset cruises available to you, here are three features to consider before booking your tickets.


How far do you want to travel to enjoy a sunset cruise? Some of the best places in the world to enjoy the sunset are islands like Hawaii and Bali. The expansive ocean around these islands provides the perfect view of a tropical sunset. Sunset cruises are available almost anywhere with a coastline so if you have any reason to visit a coastal city, you can add a sunset cruise to your itinerary. No matter where you end up experiencing the sunset on the water, you’re in for a beautiful, timeless experience.


Are you planning on going on vacation with friends or your family? Some sunset cruises are designed to be family-friendly experiences. These short excursions may welcome children as young as three years old and are sure to be filled with children and adults of all ages. Some sunset cruises are designed for specific audiences. According to Statista, 87 million adults in the U.S. participate in recreational boating. If you’re planning on spending time with your friends and want to share a few drinks too, you could try a 21+ cruise. These sunset party cruises are the best way to start a night out in a beautiful tourist destination.


While seeing a beautiful sunset is entertainment enough for many people, it isn’t the only way to enjoy a sunset cruise. Some cruises include live entertainment with local musicians or entertainers. These cruises will be truly unforgettable as you enjoy refreshing sights and sounds on the open water. Some sunset cruises are also called dinner cruises. While watching the sunset, you can enjoy an authentic local meal with the people you care about most.

No matter how you want to experience the sunset out on the ocean, you’ll be able to find an amazing cruise experience anywhere in the world. If you’re planning an adventure in Hawaii, book a sunset cruise or boat tour with Hawaii Glass Bottom Boats!

by: Briar Kinnick

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